Welcome to the Units of Measurement Page

Here Teachers,Parents and Students can find a collection of games and activities in order to help student to improve understanding in math skills such as the following:

  • Common metric units
  • Metric System.
  • Imperial System
  • Appropriate Measurement Tools
  • Estimating Length
  • Estimating Area
  • Estimating Volume
  • Estimating Time
  • Estimating Mass
  • Estimating Temperature
  • Conversion between indiviudal units of Length
  • Conversion between indiviudal units of Area
  • Conversion between indiviudal units of  Volume
  • Conversion between indiviudal units of  Time
  • Conversion between indiviudal units of Mass
  • Conversion between indiviudal units of Temperature
  • Converting betweeen Metric and Imperial units

Units of Measurement - Equations

Click on a question mark box and write the answer. If your answers are correct you will win.

Units of Measurement - volume-3d-Shapes

Find the Volume of Shapes and use the Arrows to convert the Volume to m3, lt, ml in the end press ok to check the answers.

Units of Measurement - Weight

Distribute equally the loads on the three parts of the structure.If in one part of the structure the floor falls down to the last level the game is over

Metric System Length Unit Converter - Measurement conversion

Length conversion calculator for metric units!

Metric System Surface Unit Converter - Measurement conversion

Area conversion calculator for metric units!

Metric System Mass Unit Converter - Measurement conversion

Mass conversion calculator for metric units!

Time Unit Converter - Measurement conversion

Time conversion calculator!

Converting within the Metric System

In this game we try to compare and order Quantities of Length,Surface,Volume,Mass and Time from smallest to biggest.In order to win this game students must convert one metric measurement to another unit!