Welcome to the Coordinate Plane

Here Teachers,Parents and Students can find a collection of games and activities in order to help student to improve understanding in math skills such as the following:

  • Objects on a Coordinate Plane
  • Graph Points on a Coordinate Plane
  • Quadrants
  • Coordinate Planes as Maps
  • Follow directions on a coordinate plane

Coordinates - Plane Shapes - Area and Perimeter

Click on a question mark box and write the answer. If your answers are correct you will win the car race

Find the shortest distance

Use the protractor. Find the coordinates and angle of the next point.Avoiding obstacles. Pay attention to fuel levels. Find the shortest route to home.

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A Coordinate Maze Game

On the Coordinate Plane the game creates a maze, different every time and in this maze we have a mouse, a piece of cheese and a cat. The animals take different places in the maze every time. The cat is in perpetual motion around the maze and we can move the mouse. The mouse asks for direction (right, left; up and down) and it wants a coordinate in the x or y-axis accordingly. The mouse moves only vertical or horizontal every time. If the mouse touches the walls of maze lose its life. If the cat touches the mouse the mouse loses its life and the game is over. If the mouse achieves to touch the piece of cheese, then the game is over and the student wins.

A Rectangle and the Coordinate Plane

A game which reinforces skills in finding coordinates and in finding Area and Perimeter of a rectangle. The game creates every time a new rectangle by using random choice and you must find the coordinates of the vertices of this rectangle and afterwards you must find width, height, area and perimeter of this rectangle.

Area and Perimeter of Rectangles - Rectangles with equal Area and Rectangles with equal Perimeter

This is a game about Area and Perimeter of Rectangles. The game creates a new rectangle by using the random choice method on the coordinate plane. You must find Width, Height, Area and Perimeter of this Rectangle. Afterwards you must draw a new rectangle with equal Area and a new rectangle with equal Perimeter

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Coordinate Plane Game

A game which reinforces skills in finding coordinates. This is a game which shows to the students how to use coordinates in four quadrants.

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Angles and Coordinates - Locate the Aliens - Math game

A game which reinforces skills in finding angles and coordinates. Enemy Alien spaceships invade to earth and you have to find angles and coordinates for each enemy spaceship and destroy this.