Welcome to the Multiples and Factors Page

Here Teachers,Parents and Students can find a collection of games and activities in order to help student to improve understanding in math skills such as the following:

  • All factors of a number.
  • Finding multiples of a number.
  • Greatest common factor.
  • Least common multiple.
  • Factors and composite numbers
  • Finding prime factorization
  • Prime factorization with factor trees
  • Multiples Venn diagrams.

Multiples-Mixed Operations

Make click on an empty box and write the right answer in order to create a common multiple of two numbers. If all your answers are correct you will win.

Multiples-Car Race

You have the white car touch a near circle select a sign and a number (use arrows and press button). Move from circle to circle until the end if you are the first. You win

Common Factors-Primes Game

Move all asked number balls with your hellicopter and put them into the right boxes. You can move only 1 ball each time. Use arrow keys to move

Factors Game

Move the mouse to control the paddle and transfer the right factors in the right pots

Multiples Game

Move the green box to the end and touch only chosen multiples

Multiples Game

Hit a multiple of the target number and you take 1 point, otherwise you lose 1 point!


Multiples are what we get after multiplying the number by an integer.

Let's play a game to estimate and compare multiples!

Factors and Multiples-Basketball game

Choose a right ball, define the power and the angle and afterwards shoot if all is right you will win 1 point.

Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor

Find the right Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor move the sliders to create the numbers and press ok