Welcome to the Multiples and Factors Page

Here Teachers,Parents and Students can find a collection of games and activities in order to help student to improve understanding in math skills such as the following:

  • All factors of a number.
  • Finding multiples of a number.
  • Greatest common factor.
  • Least common multiple.

Tic Tac Toe - Multiples

You play aggaist the Pc. The player who succeds in placing three of the marks in a horizontal or vertical or diagonal row is a winner. Click on question mark box and write the Answer (not use twice the same multiple). If your Answers are correct you will win the game.

Multiples Game-Car Race

Make click on right boxes according to the instructions and move your car until the end. If you make the right moves you will win the game

Factors Game

Move the mouse to control the paddle and transfer the right factors in the right pots

Multiples Game

Move the green box to the end and touch only chosen multiples

Multiples Game

Hit a multiple of the target number and you take 1 point, otherwise you lose 1 point!


Multiples are what we get after multiplying the number by an integer.

Let's play a game to estimate and compare multiples!