Welcome to the Fractions Page

Here Teachers,Parents and Students can find a collection of games and activities in order to help student to improve understanding in math skills such as the following:

  • Identify the fraction
  • Compare fractions
  • Understand fractions: Area models
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Order fractions
  • Match fractions to models

Equivalent Fractions

Put the right Fractions in the right places. Use the paddle to catch and transfer the ball and in the end turn the paddle right or left to roll the ball towards to the pot

Sailing Simulation-Fractions and basic math operations (Addition,Multiplication)

You drive a sailing boat. You nust touch with the boat the right numbers (min or max). Sailing against the wind in rauchly realistic conditions

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A fraction is part of a whole. It's less than 1 whole thing, but more than 0.

In this game we will create our fractions with use of green and red apples


A fraction is a part of a whole

We call the top number the Numerator, it is the number of parts we have. We call the bottom number the Denominator, it is the number of parts the whole is divided into. Numerator/Denominator