Welcome to the Subtraction Page

Here Teachers,Parents and Students can find a collection of games and activities in order to help student to improve understanding in math skills such as the following:

  • Subtract multiples of 10
  • Subtract multiples of 100
  • Subtract three digits numbers
  • Subtract four digits numbers
  • Complete the Subtraction Sentence up to three digits


Make click on a cell to choose. Use Arrows to find the right number. Press the button to answer

Addition and Subtraction

Fill in the missing digits.

Subtraction up to 10

Let's learn. Let's play!


You have 40$ in your wallet you will go on a trip and you know the cost for every route. Choose your path in order to remain 10$ in your pocket. Make click on the next point to go.

Press the button to Install

Subtraction with Place Value Blocks

Becoming comfortable with two-digit and three-digit numbers is an important skill in second grade.This is a useful activity for teaching subtraction with base ten blocks

Animal Subtraction

Make click on some animals to erase them and make a subtraction