Welcome to the Patterns Page

Here Teachers,Parents and Students can find a collection of games and activities in order to help student to improve understanding in math skills such as the following:

  • Repeating Patterns
  • Growing Patterns
  • Find the next shape in a pattern
  • Number Patterns
  • Complete a Repeating Patterns
  • Make a Repeating Pattern
  • Counting Patterns
  • Skip counting sequences
  • Find the next row in a growing pattern
  • Complete an increasing number pattern

Number Patterns - Addition Puzzle

Click on a question mark box and write the Answer. If your Answers are correct you will win.

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Make click on a cell to choose. Use Arrows to find the right number. Press the button to answer

Number Patterns-Car Race

Fill all white boxes with the right numbers. If your answers are right you win the race

Refrection Symmetry

In this game we must complete the symmetric pattern with the x or y-axis as the line of symmetry

Number Patterns

Let's play to learn!

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Shapes and Patterns

Shape patterns are a fun way for kids to practice identifying patterns. In this game every time we see a shape pattern and in the end two shapes are missing. We must understand the relationship in between all the other shapes and consequently we have to choose the two right shapes from four shapes.

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Find the Password

This is a game about number patterns. We must access our computer, but we remember only three numbers of the password and we must predict the other two. The student has the ability with the movement of a slider to define the other two numbers

Alphabet and Number Patterns

This is a game about the alphabet and the number patterns. You must translate the Alphabet Pattern to Number Pattern and draw a line in order to connect all the right points in sequence.

Alphabet Patterns,Number Patterns and Addition

This is a game about the alphabet Patterns Number patterns and Addition. You must translate the Number Pattern to Alphabet Pattern afterwards draw a line in order to connect all the right points in sequence and at the end of game you must count the sum of Distances.