Welcome to the Angles Page

Here Teachers,Parents and Students can find a collection of games and activities in order to help student to improve understanding in math skills such as the following:

  • Parallel perpendicular and intersecting lines.
  • Acute, Right, Obtuse and straight Angles.
  • Types of Angles.
  • Measuring angles with a protractor 

Straight Angle

A straight angle is 180 degrees

Right Angle

A right angle is equal to 90 degrees

Acute Angle

An Acute Angle is less than 90°

Obtuse Angle

An Obtuse Angle is more than 90° but less than 180°

Angle Measurement

1. Place the center point of your protractor at the point where the sides of the angle meet.

2. Place the protractor so that one of the lines of the angle you want to measure reads zero.

3. Read the number off the protractor where the second side of the angle meets the protractor.