Dividing Decimals

Drag the right numbers to the right boxes

Addition of Decimals and Fractions

Drag the right Fractions into the right boxes.

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions - Ordering

Drag the right numbers into the right boxes according to the instructions.

The Trading Game - Money and Decimals

 Buy low and sell expensive. You start with 550 $ if you create 1000$ in 5 minute you will win

Fubuki Multiplication

Touch the right boxes write the right numpers and solve the problem


Mixed Operations - Magic Triangle

Click and drag the right operators into the right places, so that the sum of each of the three sides of the triangle is the same number.

Area of Plane Shapes - Percetnages

Press the buttons and write the right percentages, if all your answers are right you will win the Race.

    Units of Measurement-Time Pattern

Put the right numbers in the right boxes