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Sailing simulation-Fractions,Addition and Multiplication on fractions and multiplication subpage of grades 4

Fractions and Decimals Scale-Place value of Decimals on Decimals subpage of grades 5 and 6

Factors and Multiples - Basket Ball game on Factors and Multiples subpage of grades 5 and 6

Find the shortest distance on Coordinate Plane subpage of grade 6

Find the shortest route to home on Area and Perimeter subpage of grades 5 and 6 

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 Fraction Game

Learn or teach by making your own visual fractions examples with apples

Coordinate Plane Game

Let's help Nick to find the path to his home.

Odd and Even numbers game

Let's attack to enemy alien spaceships with right numbers (odds or evens).









Symmetry Game 

Let's find the Axes of Symmetry of Trapezoid by trial and error method in this interactive game

Array Model for Division

In this game we create an array (random choice) and the number of squares in this rectangular array is the dividend after we ask for student to visualise a division. The student must divide the rectangular array into equal rectangular arrays so much as the divisor. He draws with a pencil many equal rectangular array with the total number of squares in every array to be the quotient of the division

Counting with Animals

 The number of fishes changes every time we will play and  the pupil must count the number of fishes. After he must click on some fishes to change their color to red, as much as the funny teacher asks.In the end, the pupil must answer  how many are the green fishes that are left. After we make the same with dogs.

Broken Calculator Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication

A Broken Calculator game for mixed operations practice! You must answer 10 questions to complete the game. You have to use all the operations each time to achieve the target number, otherwise your answer will be considered wrong for this game.

Number Line

In this game we have numbered lines from 0 up to 160 (0-20,20-40,40-60,60-80 in one display and 80-100,100-120,120-140,140-160 in one display) Every time game chooses by using random choice  the workspace (0-80 or 80-160) afterwards the game by using random choice chooses four numbers. The pupil by using the arrows in display must drive the black line into the appropriate place on number line according to the chosen number. The time for this work is 150 Sec.

Number Line - Decimals, Fractions and Percentages

This is a game about Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. We have a Numbered line (-4,4) and in this range the game chooses by using random choice some numbers in form of decimals, fractions and percentages. We must put the numbers in the right place on the Number Line.

A Coordinate Maze Game

You are the mouse, you must eat the cheese, but the cat is hunting you and if you touch the walls of the maze you lose your life. Good luck!

Comparing Numbers

This is a game about comparing Numbers. At the start of the game we will see a ball that moves and some obstacles. We control the ball with a paddle. If we hit with the ball the right cube according  to an inequality chosen for the game by using random choice, we take 1 point otherwise we lose 1 point

Adding Eggs

You must transfer two eggs in every nest in order to find the sum in the sign of the nest. You have 210 Sec


Vertical Addition

This is a game about Vertical Addition. You can either choose two 4-digit numbers to add or the game chooses two numbers by using random choice. You must find the sum of this addition. 

Primes, Composites, Odds and Evens - Billiards Games

Find the shortest distance - Coordinate Plane - Measurement of Angles

Use the protractor. Find the coordinates and angle of the next point. Pay attention to fuel levels. Find the shortest route to home.

Sailing simulation-Fractions,Addition and Multiplication

Sailing against the wind and touch the right numbers

Area and Perimeter Game

You must answer some questions about Area and Perimeter of some shapes (Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezoid) and you win points and make your teacher happy!

Equation Game

Let's destroy the tank who has equation solution corresponding to the number in the display.

Area and Perimeter 2 (Parallelogram, Rhombus, Circle)


This is a game about Area and Perimeter of Parallelogram, Rhombus and Circle. You have to use your knowledge of how to calculate area and perimeter


Comparing Fractions, Decimals and Mixed numbers

Compare fractions, Decimals and mixed numbers and if you answer right  you win points and make the Funny teacher happy!

Shapes and Patterns

Shape patterns are a fun way for kids to practice identifying patterns. In this game every time we see a shape pattern and in the end two shapes are missing. We must understand the relationship in between all the other shapes and afterwards we have to choose the two right shapes from four shapes.


 Finding LCM by using Prime Factors

In this game, the funny  teacher selects random three numbers and through a procedure of continuing questions the student is called to find the smallest prime number, who can divide accurately the chosen number every time.In the end, we must find Least Common Multiple.

Least common multiple of 12 and 30:




Using the set of prime numbers from each set with the highest exponent val

Fractions and watering Trees

This is a game about fractions. We have some trees and try to water these, for one of these trees we are responsible and for the other trees play the computer with automated way. We see in the upper part of display six fractions that are changing every 20 sec. The bigger fraction the bigger quantity of water in our tree. Below the fractions we see six buttons and with these we can choose the fraction in any case. Every time when we choose a fraction increase the size of trees according with the specific fraction

Area and Perimeter of Rectangles - Rectangles with equal Area and Rectanges with equal Perimeter

  This is a game about Area and Perimeter of Rectangles. The game creates a new rectangle by using the random choice method on the coordinate plane. You must find Width, Height, Area and Perimeter of

this  Rectangle.  Afterwards you must draw a new rectangle with equal Area and a new rectangle with equal Perimeter

The mouse escape - Mixed Operations game (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)

The goal of the game is the mouse achieve to escape from the room (to find a path to the door) without cat catch it

Area and Perimeter of Rectangles - Building Rectangles

Click on the triangles to change the initial color to blue and create a rectangle. Afterwards you must find the Area and Perimeter of your Rectangle. At the end of the game you will see the right answers.




Identify Plane Shapes and Solid Shapes

Move the mouse to control the paddle. Control the ball with paddle. Hit the right shape and you will take some points. One Point if you hit a shape of the right group of shapes (plane shapes or solid shapes) and five points if you hit a right specific solid or plane shape.

Add and Subtract Fractions 

Add and subtract Fractions with unlike denominators by using Number Lines


              Throw the ball in the sea

A game which reinforces skills in finding angles and ordering Fractions,Decimals and Percentages.

Factors and Multiples - Basketball Game

 Choose a right ball, define the power and the angle and afterwards shoot if all is right you will win 1 point.

Shapes and Angles

Find the direction angle and the distance to the next point in order to complete the path.


Place Value Game

Answer 10 questions and find each time, which number shows every place value model

Add numbers with Place Value Blocks

Addition with Base ten Blocks. If you make the right Place Value Models, you win points and make your teacher happy!

Finding GCD using Prime Factors

In this game we choose 3 numbers (2-210) and through a procedure of continuing questions the student is called to find all the prime numbers. In the end, we must find Greatest Common Factor


Greatest Common Factor of 12 and 30:



GCD=product of common factors=2*3=6

Find the Password-Number Patterns

This is a game about number patterns. We must access our computer, but we remember only three numbers of the password and we must predict the other two. The student has the ability with the movement of a slider to define the other two numbers

Solve the problem Fractions and Decimals

Move the slider to shape the fractions and decimal in order that the sum be equal to the distance. Afterwards press the solve button to check the solution and if the answer is right, Tom can walk the distance.

Array Model for Multiplication

In this game we create an array (random choice) and with this a visual multiplication. Then the student must count the number of squares in every side of the array to find the two numbers of multiplication and, if he needs to understand the multiplication process, he can count the total number and find the product of multiplication.

A Rectangle and the Coordinate Plane

A game which reinforces skills in finding coordinates and in finding Area and Perimeter of a rectangle. The game creates every time a new rectangle by using random choice and you must find the coordinates of the vertices of this rectangle and afterwards you must find width, height, area and perimeter of this rectangle.

The Shark the Fish and the Addition

You are the smaller fish. The goal of the game is to stay away from the sharks and touch two successive bubbles every time with summation bigger or equal to 20

Using Number line for Addition

In this game we have a dog and he looks for his bone. He hides a bone somewhere,but now he don't remember. We must find the sum of an addition and afterwards our dog win his bone.

Symmetry Game-Reflection symmetry

In this game we must complete the symmetric pattern with the x or y-axis as the line of symmetry

Perimeter and Area of Compound Shapes

Create your compound shape (click on some squares to change the color to blue) or the  game create a compound shape by using random choice. Afterwards you must find the Perimeter and Area of the compound shape

Multiples Game


    Hit a multiple of the target number and you take 1 point, otherwise you lose 1 point!


Decimals and Equivalent Fractions-Adding Decimals-Adding Fractions and Decimals-Decimals Ordering

    Find the equivalent Fraction of a Decimal for 5 decimals and 5 fractions and put these numbers in order. Add two decimals to find a given sum for 5 pairs and put these numbers in order. Add a

    Decimal and a Fraction to find a given sum for 5 pairs and put these numbers in order


Units of measurement - Weight

    Distribute equally the loads on the three parts of the structure.If in one part of the structure the floor falls down to the last level the game is over

Find the shortest route to home

Fractions and Decimals Scale - Place value of Decimals

Try to balance the Scale